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Whipple’s Superior Performance:
Want big top end speed, dramatically improved cruising speeds and ability to plane faster? How about not having to sacrifice reliability, durability and idle? What about ultimate bragging rights to owning one of the most incredible looking and technologically advanced marine engines? Sound to good to be true? Well its not, Whipple has the supercharger system for you. The Whipple 500 HP EFI SC System will give you all the torque and horsepower your heart desires. With 6lbs. of intercooled boost, your power will increase nearly 50%! Skeptics say, “what about idle?” That’s simple, the Whipple twin-screw type supercharger and ECU calibration will allow for your engine to idle consistently, in and out of gear for easy operation.

The looks are only part of the package, the performance will put an ear-to-ear grin on your face. Because of the unique twin-screw SC design, the Whipple Charger can generate full boost at any rpm, just the touch of the throttle and you have instant power. Roll into the throttles and feel the g-forces push you back in your seat while the sound of an F-16 fighter jet comes too life. You’ll turn your once docile boat into a pure adrenaline rush while putting other boats in their place when they “attempt” to run by you.

Other skeptics say, “Well you can’t have low end torque and top-end horsepower!” Yet again, the facts differ, most don’t know that the screw compressor is one of the most efficient superchargers ever built. What does this mean? Massive torque levels that are simply unmatchable while simultaneously producing mind-boggling horsepower. No other supercharger in the world can offer this type of torque down low with the incredible top end horsepower. Who wants to wait for the power when you can have it instantly!

Whipple’s Superior Engineering:
Other companies claim to be leaders, but the facts are simple, Whipple Superchargers are years ahead of the competition in all the testing aspects. Each Whipple SC System comes with a recalibrated stock ECU that has all the proper modifications to control idle, fuel, spark and most importantly, diagnostics such as knock control. Most companies today just offer a “FMU” which is just a glorified way of not having much control. With today’s factory ECU’s gaining sophistication, “FMU’s” are simply unsafe and unpredictable in the marine environment. Stock calibrations were never intended for force induction, with this being said, knowing every parameter in the ECU (nearly impossible), you could not ensure proper operation in all intended circumstances, especially without the proper instrumentation. Some companies actually give you a “window” for fuel pressure settings, some can vary 10-15lbs. This is simply staggering, your engine could vary over 2 full air fuel ratios! Most OEM engines cannot take the abuse of being wrong, how do you know which way to vary, why is it not precise and accurate?

How about intercooler technology? Others claim to have super-efficient aluminum intercoolers and make outrageous claims, but the simple fact is that the 500 HP EFI SC System comes with a large integrated cupronickel intercooler that fits inside the intake manifold. Most don’t know that the unique Whipple cupronickel/copper intercoolers are far more efficient than any other design. This allows for more cooling in smaller packages while increasing reliability.

No other supercharger company has more money invested in state-of-the-art dynamometers that include cylinder-to-cylinder air fuel sensors as well as full combustion analysis. Whipple spends millions of dollars every year in research and development, constantly doing whatever it takes to stay on the cutting edge of technology. When you install and run one of our systems, you’ll see first hand the amount of engineering and technology that goes into every system.

Whipple’s Superior Packaging:
Simple fitment is always a given when it comes to a Whipple SC system, but what is very unique and equally important, the look. Were talking about boats here! Why would you want a gizmo hanging from the side, air ducting running back and forth, not matching the factory fit and finish when you could have something that looks OEM installed with superior performance? Whipple SC systems are well thought out and are made to fit in even the most non-applicable applications. With a matching Hi-Performance blue finish, the Whipple system has again set the standards in the marine industry. Only 1” is needed in front of your engine and the SC is the same height as your factory stainless headers (Stages 3 require 1”), a perfect fit for almost all applications.

Whipple 500 EFI Supercharger Kit Stage 1
Whipple 500 EFI Supercharger Kits. Stage 1,& 2 - 3.3, 4.0, 4.5L
Price listed above is for a 500 EFI 3.3L Stage 1 Whipple Supercharger in Black or High performance Blue. You can also upgrade to a larger Supercharger, different colors or Polished Aluminum and, the Stage 2 Model which...

Whipple 525 EFI Supercharger Kits. (RED) Stage 1,& 2 - 3.3, 4.0, 4.5L (WSC-0002)
Whipple 525 EFI Supercharger Kits. Stage 1 & 2
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